Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Eeyore Christening Cake

This was a sponge cake made for a christening for a little girl recently. The top tier was made in chocolate victoria sponge and filled with chocolate ganache. The bottom tier was a plain sponge filled with vanilla buttercream. The little girl's aunt wanted a very girly theme in pink to include Eeyore on it, a prayer book and some baby boottees. The cubes are made out of fondant icing and are piped with her name. The board is covered in fondant with little dots made with a 1.5 nozzle. These dots are continued over the cake. The feet round the sides were made with fondant, which I cut with a wheel cutter. The toes are piped with royal icing. The crosses are run out directly onto the icing. Eeyore was modelled with white marzipan and painted with a heavy paint made from petal dusts and vodka. He is held together with cocktail sticks ! The bootees are modelled from mexican modelling paste and finished with a very fine gauge ribbon inserted into the paste.